The 7 Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

If you suffer from at least 2 of them, your quality of life might be impacted dramatically.

1. Lack of energy: When you crave a coffee or stimulants to get going in the morning. 

2. Focus problems: Brain fog, lack of concentration, or feeling the need to take constant breaks from a task. 

3. Short term memory problems: Misplacing your keys, can’t remember what you were about to say, or quickly forget the name of a person you’ve just met. 

4. Lack of sex drive: When sleep quality is poor, testosterone drops and so does sex drive. 

5. Overweight: Sleeping less than you should or getting a low quality of sleep are both shown to be risk factors for obesity. 

6. Back / Neck pain: Although wrongfully attributed to sitting for too long, back and neck pain are both signs of poor sleep. 

7. Depression: Sleep problems contribute to depressive disorders and affect your mental health.

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